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Growing Excellence...Togeth‚Äčer!

About Us

Who are the people behind the Wayne County Farmers Co-op?  

Simply put, we are your family members, your friends, your neighbors. Your school bus driver. Your child's teacher. Your fellow church members. Coaches, political figures, displaced miners...our members come from all walks of life, and nearly every corner of our county! Our Co-op is comprised of a group of Wayne County residents who are dedicated to the preservation of the way of life taught to us by our ancestors for the betterment of our communities, fellow residents, and to promote the Agricultural industry here, which was the predominate life blood of the first settlers, and has been handed down through the generations as a means of not only survival, but of ensuring that their families eat farm fresh foods for healthier lifestyles. The Co-op offers families the chance to draw from fellow farmers who have decades of experience, as well as offering educational resources to help them learn to be successful on their own farms.  

  From government programs to guest speakers, our Board of Directors are dedicated to providing every available opportunity for our valued members, who also happen to be our friends and neighbors...and in our area, that alone carries a lot of weight, as Wayne County folks have long been known to dig in and help those around them when there is a need. With the recent slump of the coal industry, we realize that there is a demand for different industries, and the field of agriculture is ripe for the picking here!  

  Members will have the opportunity to cash in on all we have to offer them, as well as having a means by which they can market their products to be more successful. To date, we have been afforded the opportunity to eventually open a Farmers Market storefront, which we hope will be advantageous to many in Southern Wayne County, and we are also working on mobile markets that will provide fairly local access to ALL Wayne county residents. Our online market will provide a way for customers to see what is available and order their home-grown foods on a weekly basis to ensure they can enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables during growing season, and even take advantage of bumper crops to use for home canning and freezing for long term storage during off-season times. Want some ready-to-eat foods? We have those as well! Many of our producers plan to offer cottage industry products ranging from fresh baked breads, pies & cakes, to canned goods, home-grown meats, natural body products, and more. Fresh and dried herbs, jellies, jams and perserves...whatever you are looking for, we hope to provide! Want something that isn't offered? Our combined membership is literally a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise in all things "home-grown" or "homemade", and as such we are confident that we can supply whatever you are looking for...all you have to do is ASK for it, and we'll take it from there.  

   We firmly believe that food is better when it is locally produced by people you know and trust, and we realize the need for fresh and healthy foods in this area is great. The USDA classifies us as a "food desert"...meaning we scarcely have access to the best foods that are out there, and our goal is to change that. We want to see our fellow residents of Wayne County be able to eat naturally grown foods and not have to worry about what they are feeding their families. We want our farmers to reap the benefit of having local money go into their pockets and stay right here in OUR county, instead of being sent to other states and even other nations abroad...which in turn will help to build the economy right here at home, where we need it the most! We are in the beginning stages, but we are determined to do our best, so come grow with us! We are always accepting applications for membership and we welcome any farmers or producers who share our dedication to agriculture and our goals for the future. Not interested in farming or producing? The Co-op will offer educational opportunities for those who don't want to farm, but would love to learn the art of food preservation in an effort to keep locally grown goodness on hand even during the winter months. Even if you only want to purchase from us, we want you to know that you can still become a member and we ask that you share us with your friends and families as well!   

The Wayne County Farmers Co-op...Growing Excellence, Together!